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Conso Electrical in ELEKTRO'2024 ostendet


Per 4 ad 7th 2024, Conso Scientiae Electricae et Technologiae Co., Ltd participabit 32 et internationale exhibitionem pro instrumento electrico pro potentia et electrica machinatione, automatione, illuminatione machinationis (ELEKTRO'2024) in Moscovia, Russia. Number Booth 23E76 est.

In exhibitione, Conso Electrical specimen 12kv . exhibebitSF6 gas insulatas switchgear. Interea societas propria est ad producendum 10 kv ad 35 kv commutator distributionis;pacto substation, etvacuum circa ruptor(VCB). Conso Electrical processit ex copiadistribution transformer, substatio compacta, switchgear gas insulata, ambitum vacuum ruptor (VCB), et munus pertinet ad distributores et usores terminales ab 2006.


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